The Faculty of Arts in the College of Humanities and Legal Studies is one of the first faculties to be established with the inception of the University of Cape Coast in 1962. It has expanded from a department to nine Departments, one Centre and one academic Unit.  The Faculty is vibrant and forward looking with the main focus of promoting teaching, research and extension of the various aspects of the liberal arts. Undergraduate programmes that are run in the Faculty lead to the award of the B.A. Arts, B.A Communication Studies, B.A African Studies, B.A Theatre Studies and Film Studies, B.A Music and B.A Dance. Most Departments also run graduate programmes leading to MA., MPhil., and Ph.D. Degrees.  



To become a centre of excellence in teaching, learning, research, documentation, empowerment, applications, and self-extension of Liberal Arts.


Training and equipping people in the Liberal Arts for effective development of their communities through: Providing the space for the development of high calibre persons in critical thinking and reflection; Seeking dynamic ways of reconstructing programmes and projects to respond to the contemporary needs of the faculty; Addressing the national requirements of highly skilled and equipped personnel in African Studies, Classics and Philosophy, English Language, French, Ghanaian Languages, History, Music and Theatre Studies and Religious Studies; Undertaking relevant research and documentation in Liberal Arts; Establishing linkages with institutions within and outside Ghana for the enhancement of the vision of the Faculty.


Core Value